Eric R. Weaver, MBA, MSM

Returned to USF: 2004

Adjunct Instructor
   College of Public Health
   12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
   Tampa, FL 33612
   CGS0210 - Office
   Voice Mail: (813)974-8337
   FAX: (813)974-2522  

National Academy of Inventors:
   Speakers Bureau: Necessity is the Mother of Invention

   B.S. Engineering USF, 1988
   B.S.C.E. Civil Engineering USF, 1998
   M.B.A. Business Administration USF, 2009
   M.S.M. Leadership & Organization Effectiveness USF, 2009

Graduate Certificates:
   Sustainable Enterprises USF, 2009
   Entrepreneurship USF, 2007
   Management USF, 2009
   Engineer Intern, 1990

Engineering Graduate Student

   Sustainable Engineering Systems

   Stormwater Management
   Flood Plain SWMM Modeling
   Patent Development & Design
   Sustainable System Design
   Student Mentoring
   Urban Agriculture
   Team Building

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  2006 Sustainable Office Proposal (p. 183)
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  Sustainable Neighborhood Redevelopment
  CUTR Entrepreneurial Innovation Institute
  Organization & Environment
  Patel College Staff Blog
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  Curriculum Vitae

Eric Weaver has been an inventor and SWMM flood studies expert for over 20 years. This included multimillion dollar site improvements and the complete redesign of the Gibsonton Phosphate Plant after the major 1988 phosphate spill into the Alafia River. He is currently pursuing an Engineering Doctorate at USF to synergize his community infrastructure experience with sustainable entreprenuerial education. He has been the Editorial Assistant for Organization & Environment: International Journal for Ecosocial Research an academic journal for over seven years, which currently has an impact factor of 1.5, as sponsored by the Patel Center for Global Solutions.

Mr. Weaver's research interests generally involve transformation and transport of water through the physical and chemical processes created by human society and the environment. Some specific areas of study interest include water pollutant transport and deposition in residential urban environments, effects of landuse, infrastructure, urban agriculture, and the fate, transport and collection of waters, especially rainwater and stormwater runoff.

Mr. Weaver is particularly passionate about mentoring and inspiring other students. He founded one of the original Learn & Serve Programs Student Taking an Active Role in Society and continues as the Project Director inspiring student to pursue their own passions and invent!