Eric R.R. Weaver

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Creating Solutions: Mr. Weaver reviews staff expertise and company resources to innovate better techniques for attaining goals. His team building skills have been successful in the classroom settings, for volunteer service learning, and professional offices. He is inspired by long-reaching issues such as community education and sustainable infrastructure development.

SWMM Model Analysis: He has the technical skills to investigate the impacts of new construction using the EPA SWMM Program . Flood studies he completed for existing landowners have shown quantitatively that construction on adjacent waterways can directly impact exiting site water levels. Model results often increase existing buildable land areas. Several Court Judges have reversed Florida State construction policy based on his analysis.

Integrated Patent Development: Mr. Weaver has prepared and completed several Patent Searches, Drawings, and Applications. He easily comprehends inventions to assist with complete prototyping and patenting.

General Civil Design: He has integrated computer applications to compile GIS data, prepare CAD drawings and completed legal exhibits for instant digital submittal via broadband technologies.

Teaching: He has had an incredible experience teaching his own children and actively shares this passion in courses based on Active Team-Building to enact Solutions as discussed in detail within his digital teaching portfolio.




University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida




Professorial    Professional    Philanthropy    Patents    Projects    Programs    Positions    Private   

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